3 Time-Saving Tips to Manage Your Social Media

Manage your social media community before it begins to manage you. This is good advice if you’re building your social media presence and intend to use it as a useful marketing tool and a source of information for your audience including potential customers. A dedicated social media presence takes time and requires daily attention and some planning. Don’t feel you need a presence on all social media accounts, especially if your resources and time are limited (Do you really need that Pinterest account?), but narrow down the key ones to a manageable few and make a concerted effort on those. It’s better to do a few channels well than a lot poorly. Here’s some other key tips to help you save time and be more effective. Implement a content management plan A proactive social media presence requires a solid content marketing plan. Your audience will respond more positively if your content is well thought out and timely. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Maybe call it an editorial calendar and identify key dates, events, holidays or seasons. Work out a monthly plan and break it down into weeks. Is there a specific theme for the month? Is it a holiday or a summer related activity you wish to promote? Try and mix up your content so it’s not too repetitive but make sure it’s all relevant.  Indicate which platform it will be posted on and what external resources are required e.g. images, video etc. Identify your clear target audience for each post and keep them in mind when you create the content. social media Use a social media management platform There are various tools that help you manage multiple social media accounts and platforms. Some of these include Hootsuite, SproutSocial and TweetDeck. There are others but these are three popular suites that can integrate your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts (and others), enable posting to different accounts from one central dashboard, view numerous feeds and schedule posts in advance, which can be a lifesaver. These tools also have the added advantage of giving you metrics of all your accounts in one place like your reach and levels of engagement. SproutSocial also has a nifty service called Landscape for resizing an image beautifully for each social media platform. Practice social media listening Social listening is the art of listening in to conversations taking place and being willing to engage or join in the conversations. If you’re not monitoring your accounts then you will be missing out on important feedback and insights into your community and customers. It’s important to note that many customers may not say exactly what they feel directly to you or on your page; their criticism may be on an anonymous page or competitor profile. Put simply, you need to expand your efforts in just looking in the obvious places for feedback. The above companies also incorporate social media monitoring into their tools where you can monitor sentiment and search for key words or terms. Put simply, there’s no point in engaging in a social media marketing effort if you’re not going to monitor and interact with your audience. Image copyrights: rvlsoft / 123RF Stock Photo and 2nix / 123RF Stock Photo

The Funding Network Returns To Brisbane

the funding network brisbane Following last year’s highly successful event, The Funding Network is coming together once again to present its collaborative ‘social investment experience’ at PwC on 15th June. Three leading social entrepreneurs will take to the floor and pitch their programs to a live audience. Each charity has been selected for their innovative approach and potential to have a significant positive impact on QLD communities in need. Josh Chalmers, PwC Partner said: “We’re very excited to be hosting this event having heard so much about TFN from colleagues in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Supporting social entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with PwC’s focus on innovation and value creation. I’m sure it will be an inspiring experience.” The three pitching organisations are (more detail in appendix): Cores Australia provides community suicide prevention through training, education and early intervention. www.cores.org.au Heartfelt Homes provides subsidized accommodation for regional, rural and remote families of patients in hospitals far from home. www.heartfelthomes.org.au Orange Sky Laundry is Australia’s first mobile laundry for the homeless, custom-fitted vans to offer a free service for those in need. www.orangeskylaundry.com.au Each presenter aims to raise at least $15,000 from the audience on the night. Pledges are from as little as $100 so anyone can get involved sponsoring these ground-breaking grassroots charities. Everyone is welcome and tickets are available to the public for $30 via this invitation link. The event is being held on June 15 to coincide with the Queensland Community Foundation’s Philanthropy Week and is being presented in collaboration with Silver Chef, the Morgans Foundation and PwC. Silver Chef founder and Philanthropy Australia board director Allan English said: “TFN is a genuine enabler and opportunity maker – bringing together the right people, resources and projects for social change. We have identified three great enterprises that can continue doing their extraordinary work with a little financial help so it would be good to see as many people as possible at the event.” https://youtu.be/xjkd9Llw-qA TFN offers grassroots charities the rare opportunity to showcase their work, secure funding and mentoring, and to expand their donor base and networks. The format also gives people the chance to learn about social issues and to engage directly with innovators and programs that are really making a difference. This year’s first TFN Sydney event at Macquarie Group facilitated over $270k – the most funding pledged at a TFN event to date. Followed by another match-funded event in Melbourne that finished up at $100k. Brisbane awaits… For more information and to buy your tickets visit: TFN Brisbane 15 June