Dealer Trade Signs Up Mitsubishi

Australia’s Dealer Trade Holdings Limited has signed a lucrative agreement with Mitsubishi Motors to auction their manufacturer-owned vehicles on the Dealer Trade listing platform.

Mitsubishi in Australia are now using Dealer Trade to auction their manufacturer-owned vehicles to their 190 plus franchisees in a move that will lower costs and streamline the distribution of their vehicles by creating an Australia-wide auction in a closed network.

Dealer Trade Chairman Wayne Myers said, “Since launching the Dealer Trade platform late last year we have already signed up more than 35% of the Australian motor dealer market.

“The Dealer Trade app has the benefit of making dealers more efficient in how they transact and minimise the reliance on auction houses.”

The Dealer Trade Australian-developed mobile app is transforming the way motor dealers source their used vehicles by allowing them to bid directly on other dealers’ wholesale stock as soon as it is listed.

Dealers are also able to list their trade-in, wholesale or surplus stock on the app to other dealers that are in need of that particular vehicle based on a set of preferences.

Dealer Trade Holdings is an unlisted public company headquartered in Brisbane and is building to a possible Australian Securities Exchange listing in late 2017 after completing its product expansion into the US and the UK.

Mr Myers said, “As our product portfolio expands, we are now the only company to have introduced a full suite of products providing a thorough history for a broad range of vehicles and watercraft.”

Dealer Trade set up CarRecord.com.au in 2016 to offer a suite of vehicle information products in conjunction with Glass’s Guide to the Australian consumer.

CarRecord offers a complete car history product including values, written off vehicle register and Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) or encumbrance status, and has proven to be better value than competitors at a cost of $19 compared to Veda-owned carhistory.com.au for $36.95 and RedBook powered carfacts.com.au at $29.

Dealer Trade Holdings Limited has now launched the following product suite being the only vehicle records company in Australia to offer a full range of products:

  • jetskirecord.com.au
  • boatrecord.com.au
  • motorbikerecord.com.au
  • truckrecord.com.au
  • tralierrecord.com.au; and
  • motorhomerecord.com.au.

Dealer Trade has also recently launched Vehicle Market (vehiclemarket.com.au) for consumers and dealers in direct competition to carsales.com.au and carsguide.com.au but for a seller listing fee of only $10.

By using individual IP addresses for each listing, a vehicle can be searched for specifically with access available from their search engine without having to trawl through pages of results.

In February Dealer Trade signed a milestone agreement to supply vehicle history reports in the large US vehicle market through its CarRecord.com subsidiary. The deal combines history reports with vehicle values from J.D. Power Valuation services.

Dealer Trade Holdings has forged agreements with motor industry data suppliers Dealer Solutions, Edge, CDS Online, Datamotive, EASY Cars, UBS and others allowing vehicles to be uploaded to its platforms in bulk. For more information visit: dealertrade.com.au

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