Australia’s Famous Reef Island Brings Their Brand Refresh To Life

Daydream Island has unveiled a new website to lead their brand refresh as it undergoes a transformation by owners China Capital Investment Group. The resort’s brand direction places even more emphasis on one of Australia’s most unique interactive attractions, the Living Reef — a 1.5-million-litre, free-form coral lagoon system that courses through the resort. daydream A wide variety of Great Barrier Reef experiences also underpin the new direction that focuses on Daydream’s extraordinary position as a pristine jewel in the Whitsunday Passage. Daydream Island Chief Executive Officer, Scott Wilkinson, said that Daydream’s rich natural habitat, with abundant reef activities both on and off the island, was well positioned to provide guests with a unique tropical island and reef experience. “We have advantages in being an island with a high concentration of Australian marine and land wildlife and activities,” Mr Wilkinson said. “The condition of Daydream’s fringing reef is regarded as one of the healthiest and best in the region and we are passionate and committed to sharing all of our natural assets and making it easy for visitors to share in the experience and learn. “Being a small island for guests means that everything is easy to get to, safe, intimate, personal, and provides a welcoming environment.” The Living Reef attraction is constantly evolving, with Daydream Island investing further in its development for the benefit of guests and their interactions with marine life. The Living Reef north and south coral lagoons allow guests learn about — and encounter at close range — the fascinating inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef. Home to more than 140 species of marine fish, 82 species of coral and 15 species of invertebrates such as starfish, sea cucumbers and crabs, new varieties of sea life are continually being uncovered here. daydream Daydream Island’s director of sales and marketing, Jane Hermann, said, “We’ve looked to create a brand expression that uniquely positions and differentiates us, especially as we move forward with a greater focus on international markets. “As Australia’s Famous Reef Island we deliver a unique connection through our Whitsunday location and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, our fringing coral reef surrounding Daydream and the Living Reef on-island experience. “We will be utilising all the benefits that new technology can deliver for us in complementing these attractions. “The new website brings all this to life, showcasing the range of Living Reef, fringing coral reef and Great Barrier Reef experiences and tours. “We’re the little island that offers the most potent combination of reef and natural experiences.” Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the 4.5-star Daydream Island Resort and Spa offers 296 luxurious rooms and suites, comprehensive facilities such as the Rejuvenation Spa and Living Reef lagoon, a wide variety of activities, sparkling bays and secluded beaches, which all combine to provide a superior tropical island experience. For more information visit