Five ways to spearhead your Facebook content marketing

facebook Creating content is one thing. Creating content that your audience loves and wants to share is entirely different. And if you aren’t generating content that your audience cares about, then you’re wasting valuable time and resources. How can you create something that matters to your audience, bolsters your company image and isn’t sales-y? Over many years of experience we have found some simple tips to help generate quality content and create authentic, engaging posts. First of all, ask yourself:

  • Are you creating something that will serve to educate, improve or better the lives of your audience;
  • Or, are you just trying to sell something?

People can easily sniff out the latter and will generally feel aggrieved if you duped them with the promise of great content, only to hit with a slogan. Here’s some simple ways to start generating valuable content on Facebook:

  1. If you’re at the early stages of social media, or your analytics are lagging behind, why not ask your followers: What do you want to see from us? Make a list of the requests and start from there.
  2. Create ‘Milestones’ on your company page; they can be both serious and fun, and it demonstrates your business growth.
  3. Don’t screen shot and post a graphic; instead, print out a hard copy and take a picture of the printout in a specific context; this makes your brand human, highlights your creativity, and makes your company less digital – even if it’s shared digitally.
  4. Tag other local brands and show appreciation for their work – but make it genuine. People can tell the difference.
  5. Highlight your company’s strongest assets – your employees! People love seeing well-written profiles of employees, what they do, and what they love about the company.

Social media presents a highly cost-effective way to generate brand awareness, so it’s important to ensure your online content is on-point. Here is a bit of a guide from the folks at Marketing Strategy HQ on maximising content on Facebook. guide-to-facebook-content-marketing-infographic

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