3 Easy, Afforable Tools To Produce Great Video Content

video-content Video is massive. It is quickly becoming the main weapon in any marketers social or content marketing toolbox. If you’re not convinced the stats speak for themselves.

  • Facebook users watch more than 4 billion video clips a day
  • 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future
  • By 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video.

Still not convinced here are 31 Video marketing Statistics To Inform Your Strategy Jamming hard up against this opportunity is the clear challenge of producing video content in a simple, cost effective way. For most SMBs the days of hiring a camera operator, sound guy, producer and editor to produce 60 seconds of video for $30,000 are well and truly in the past. Thankfully, like many industries, there are lots of smart people out there finding ways to let companies produce relatively affordable video content.


Hobart-based startup Biteable is not only slicing down that time to less than 10 minutes, but also making the process as simple as it is to create graphics on Canva and as cheap as creating professional videos can get. So how does it work? You create a free account on biteable.com; and then start making videos by selecting a ‘scene’, customising the colours and text, adding more scenes to your heart’s content, and pressing done. A watermarked version of the video will be sent to your email in 15 minutes or less; and if you’re happy with your creation, you can purchase a High Definition non-watermarked version for $99, which can then be posted anywhere online. If you’re not happy, you can always go back and edit as many times as you like. We used Biteable to create our explainer for Content on Demand. Took me one hour to create the initial video and will take half as long again next time.


The Shootsta platform provides large companies with the necessary training and camera kits for them to shoot their own videos, with the footage then sent back to the startup for post-production. In just six months the company has secured more than 20 clients, including Qantas, Bank of Queensland and Toyota. It has also scored a $1 million investment from AdCorp. In their own words.

“We came from the corporate video production world and constantly had clients tell us they wanted to produce internal, marketing or promotional videos every week but it was just too hard and too expensive. We realised if we could equip companies with the right gear and training they could film their own content and we could do all the heavy lifting with the post production. And that’s when Shootsta was born.”

Shootsta offers packages starting at $2,000 per month on a 12 month plan which includes 2 videos per month. The $9,800/month package includes unlimited videos, 24-hour turnaround as well asa  range of add-ons.

Big Review TV

Big Review TV Ltd is an ASX-listed group providing online video content, video reviews and online marketing services to small and medium enter- prise through bigreviewtv.com Bigreviewtv.com is a brand new video review platform aimed at consumers. It is a video review platform that integrates video review shows, video marketing, and user- generated video content with social media via the Big Review TV app. The Big Review TV App is a free video review mobile phone application that allows consumers to search and view video reviews of places of interest, and produce their own video reviews that upload automatically to Bigreviewtv.com and can be shared via social media networks. The app can also be used by merchants as a video marketing tool to communicate with customers by uploading video news and updates to their business profile page on Bigreviewtv.com It then uploads the videos to its tech platform, allowing customers hungry for reviews of products, events, restaurants and more, to actually see what they want in living colour – a big edge over a written review. Following the initial video, the company then charges subscription fees to the merchant for a place on this online eco-system – providing exposure and customer engagement for businesses while giving people access to slick video content that helps them to decide where to spend their cash. A win for everyone. Customers can then upload their own video reviews to this company’s website, adding to the community conversation and to the value of the service.


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