Building Your Brand’s Infinite Publicity Loop

Ben Ready is Managing Director of RG Communications. He has been a journalist and communications professional for nearly 20 years.
Ben Ready is Managing Director of RG Communications. He has been a journalist and communications professional for nearly 20 years.

In the late noughties people and businesses began to grasp the power of content and its ability to drive brand awareness, customer engagement and sales.

The proliferation of mobile technology combined with the power of search engines and the reach of social media meant marketers had to fundamentally re-think everything they knew about engaging with their customers. The changes presented both challenges and opportunities for brands prepared to throw time and resources towards content.

Many of those who embraced content are now enjoying the benefits as their digital footprint grows, along with their audience and influence. These brands have discovered the benefits of the infinite publicity loop.

What is the infinite publicity loop?

For many smaller organisations, growing their brand reach (in a cost effective manner) is the greatest marketing challenge they have. Compared to paid media, using content to build reach is one of the most affordable and effective strategies available.

The infinite publicity loop is the holy grail of content marketing. It is when your content (even a single piece of content) delivers you an ongoing stream of value long after you have made the investment. Regardless of how you define ‘value’ it is the time aspect of the loop that is important.

The loop is all about creating content that delivers engagement, enquiry and sales well into the future. It is now feasible for a piece of content that you invest in today, to still be delivering value in five years with almosy immeasurable ROI.

The loop starts with great content which you distribute across multiple channels.If it is good enough, this content is consumed and shared by your audience, this consuming and sharing enhances its search value, which attracts new users who consume and share, improving its value for search.. and so on and so on, in an infinite loop of growing reach.


A New Publicity Model[1]
It all starts with valuable content

Creating great content that engages your audience and encourages social sharing is the starting point. Once you have done this it is important to work your distribution channels.

  • Earned media – make sure you have a solid PR campaign that is distributing content consistently to a broad range of media. Make sure you are sharing this content across your own social media platforms to maximise its reach and search-ability.
  • Owned media – publish your stories on your own platforms. If you don’t have a social and search friendly platform, get one (like WordPress). Make sure your content is SEO-friendly and is underpinned with high levels of sharing.
  • Influencer media – engage with your industry’s influencers and make sure they are using and sharing your content.

The loop only prospers when you feed it so regularly producing content and distributing it across your channels is fundamental to getting the loop spinning.

A little encouragement goes a long way

Sometimes the loop may need a little encouragement before it becomes self sustaining. There are a couple of ways you can give your content a little kick start.

  • Manufacture reach – SEO relies heavily on content usage so manufacturing a bit of usage to get the ball rolling is a good idea. One of the best ways to do this is ensure in your staff are sharing your content across their own social networks. Hit your family and friends up as well.
  • Pay for reach – if your content is gaining some traction it can be worth giving it a ‘boost’ with some paid promotion across Google AdWords or on social media.

The goal should be to have the content to develop an entirely organic process of reach as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your publicity loop.


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