Why You Need To Send Your Media Releases Early

10am-clockIn the modern era of non-stop online news and multiple distribution channels, it is easy to imagine that everything has changed, however, some things remain the same. One of these is the simple fact that if you have a story to distribute, you need to get it out early. Whether you are sending a media release by email, sending a twitter link, or even, god forbid, calling a journalist on the telephone, your chances of getting a run are greatly improved if you do it before 10am. For some online trade publications that publish early, you can even boost your odds by sending a release as early as 6am. The reason for this is that regardless of the technology available, a key link in the chain – the journalist – still works a limited day. If you get your pitch in at the start of the day, that leaves 8-10 hours for the journalist to write your story. With each hour of delay, the window for the reporter to work on the story before knock-off time gets smaller. As well as the labour limitations, most publications, be they physical or digital, still have deadlines and they need to plan their content. If you are seeking coverage in a newspaper, you want your story added to the news list before the morning news conference so the section editor is aware of it. If you are unable to get it out in the morning, then you may still get coverage for a good story if you get it out as late as 1pm so it gets mentioned in the afternoon conference, although you will probably still miss out on coverage unless your story is very important. If you can’t even do that, then you may as well hold your release over until the next day and get in at the start of the next cycle. Unfortunately, if you send a release late in the day and it fails to get coverage, it is unlikely that any publication will return to the story even though it remains fresh, because they now regard it as yesterday’s news.