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St Hilliers Unveils New Identity

[PIC]-StHilliers-Identity-RefreshSt Hilliers has proudly unveiled a new corporate identity and logo design as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary. Executive chairman and founder Tim Casey said, “As a result of a company-wide review and from consultation with clients and staff we have spent considerable time defining where the company is at, how we want to operate and where we want to be in the future. “One of the main areas that was identified that needed a refresh was the company’s market identity – how we communicate with stakeholders and the need for reinforcing the commitment to be open and approachable to everyone involved with the business.” As a result St Hilliers commissioned the development of a new logo, one that has deliberately evolved from the previous one, presenting a strong, sharp and balanced design. It is designed to be immediately recognisable as St Hilliers; to build on the considerable brand equity already achieved; yet also embodying a new and improved approach to business. The feature ‘H’ in St Hilliers logo is now upwards facing as if at the apex of a building. This has been chosen to represent the design story in the symbol of ‘Looking Up’, ‘To the Future’, ‘Building’ and ‘Growth’. St Hilliers’ corporate colours have changed too, but also are an evolution rather than a revolution. There will also be development in St Hilliers communications platforms. Mr Casey said, “We recognise the need to communicate as much as we can, and in different ways, both internally and externally to our clients, the public and other stakeholders. This will include a stronger presence on a number of mediums including social and interactive media.” The St Hilliers website has undergone an overhaul which will provide a fresh perspective on the company and showcase the work it delivers to clients in a very clear and informative way. “In fact, the projects will be the heroes on the site, as they should be, because that’s the business we’re in – delivering superior property and construction services,” Mr Casey said. The new identity will be gradually implemented across all areas of the company’s operations in the coming months. Media enquiries to Brenton Gibbs