How to make your media story last longer

Digital_Marketing_PicDigital marketing is sometimes seen as an alternative to media outreach through newspapers and television but the truth is they should complement each other. When co-ordinated well, your digital marketing and media publicity will combine to create a public relations program that is more than the sum of its parts. One example of this at work is the way that digital marketing channels can be used to extend the life and reach of an article in the media. This is vital in today’s fast pace media environment because even a big story running on multiple websites can be buried within hours under a pile of fresh headlines so that few people will see it. So how can we extend the life of a media hit? The simplest way is to promote it. The same technology which has driven the media online has also given us many powerful tools to share our stories:
  • Social Media: This should be the first part of your promotion plan. Share a link to the story immediately across your social media channels. Tweet it from the company account and also from individual staff accounts. Share it on your personal or business LinkedIn. Put a link on your Facebook page. If it is a broadcast story then upload a clipping to YouTube and link to that.
  • Blog: it’s likely that the article was addressing an issue that is topical right now so why not delve into the subject again as a blog post, citing the story but adding further perspectives that may not have been included.
  • Newsletter: Companies with a strong digital marketing program will usually have a regular newsletter to clients. You should include any relevant stories in your newsletter for clients. If they are choosing to receive your newsletter then presumably they are interested in the topic and likely to read it.
  • Online Newsroom: One of the emerging trends in digital marketing is to create an online newsroom featuring stories about your company but also the industry in general. This is a great resource for clients, reporters and employees to see what kind of coverage your company is receiving. It can also be used by your sales team to show that you are an industry leader.