Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? It Better Be!

Is your website mobile-friendly and able to be ranked highly with the new Google changes? If not then you could be missing out on valuable traffic as a result of changes brought in by Google’s algorithm tweaks which favour websites optimised for smaller screen devices from April 21st 2015. Users are now doing more searches on mobile devices and Google is responding by favouring those sites that are optimised for mobile devices as opposed to desktop browsers. It’s expected that mobile searches will very soon outnumber those from traditional PCs. Non mobile-friendly websites will have text that is too small, and links that are not friendly to a finger tap. IMG_3161If your website is not mobile-friendly it will begin to be ranked further down in search results. Some website publishing platforms like WordPress offer responsive sites that adjust automatically to the size of the screen. Also Google is betting that better-looking and functioning sites on mobile will lead to more sales and higher ad prices. Google did telegraph the changes in the changes to its algorithm in February, but not all web developers have responded. “As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns,” Google wrote in their blog post in February announcing the change. If you look for your website listing in a Google search on your smart device it should say ‘mobile-friendly’ under the URL. If it doesn’t you should talk to your website developer – pronto! According to market research firm Portent, 40% of leading websites failed the Google mobile-friendly test. You can also test your website URL here.  This page was tested mobile-friendly … rg communications