Some great content pieces to inspire in 2015

captainrisky Content informs, guides, directs, engages, and entertains. It helps build traffic and deepens consumers’ connection with your brand. A content marketing strategy is no longer a nice to have when you have the time, it’s something you need to find the time to have. Here’s some ideas to inspire you to better content in 2015. Budget Direct – Captain Risky ( A little bit fun, a little bit silly and a little bit engaging. In the mould of Jackass and The Dudesons, Captain Risky is the guy Budget Direct won’t insure, so your insurance is cheaper. Big budget production and a strong character that perfectly straddles the line between the sublime and the ridiculous make this piece a great model for a brand willing to take a risk. Strong separation between the character and the brand clearly defines Captain Risky as content, not advertising. Takeaway – Sometimes taking a risk pays off. Go all-in #kickitnripit startyourjourneysimPRO Software – The Journey  simPRO’s software helps small field services business (plumbers, chippies and sparkies) to coordinate their administration. It helps business owners get away from their desk and out from under a mountain of paperwork. With The Journey, simPRO has taken the product benefits one step further. A drills deep into the incredible changes that its products have made to the lifestyle of real customers. They are customers, leading a better, more fulfilling life because they use one product. Powerful and engaging stuff. Takeaway – Go beyond the obvious and remember your customers are always your best source of content. Lorna Jane – Move Nourish Believe ( More than any other brand, Lorna Jane has come to epitomise a lifestyle. The products they sell are nothing more than accessories that define the lifestyle their customers want. Move Nourish Believe is where that lifestyle lives and breathes. It’s simple and beautiful; but above all, it is useable. Its effectiveness is built in simplicity. The content is short, sharp, authorative and always on topic. Takeaway – Stay true to your brand and always be on topic. Queensland Government – Strong Choices ( Sometimes when the solution is both inevitable and unpalatable, it pays to focus on the problem. Asset sales have been a thorn in the side of Queensland’s LNP for years. They want to sell the assets to pay down debt. Pretty simple, except their opponents would prefer just about anything to private sector standards. They’ll probably never admit it but the Smart Choices campaign was always about taking Queenslanders on a journey to a pre-destined outcome. ‘Choice’ was a fallacy Once again, the beauty of the content is the simplicity. It took the creator just 316 words, a video and three graphics to break down an extraordinarily complex issue into one page of content – The problem. No subtlety, no tiptoeing, no obfuscation. Just bald-faced, indisputable facts that lead to only one solution. Any argument against the solution, is illogical, because it denies the facts.  Takeaway – Sometimes it pays to go negative. Just make the facts indisputable.