Social Media No Longer Child’s Play

SOCIAL media is no longer the sole domain of teenagers looking to comment on their friends’ status updates. It is now firmly entrenched in the fabric of corporate communications and is fast becoming the number one avenue to engage with stakeholders on a very real and authentic level.

We at Villain Designs and RG Communications integrate social as one of the main tools we provide clients looking to gain an edge in communicating with target audiences and boosting brand awareness. In an online world, it provides a seamless lilypad between a client’s website, electronic direct marketing and more. It also serves as fantastic support to offline marketing and has really changed how we as communication designers approach creating meaningful methods for brands to listen and engage.

Award winning global brand agency Landor Associates recently posted their forecast for 2015’s trends and it was interesting to read trend number four, which aligns with our view on social being a really integral B2B tool going forward, and we think they couldn’t have put it any better:

“Move over millennials and consumer brands—the B2B world is fast realizing the usefulness of social media. After all, business is and always has been about building relationships. And what better way to make connections, discover potential clients, share white papers, and engage with communities, stakeholders, and NGOs than on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other dynamic platforms?”

“These tools will become increasingly powerful, go-to resources for the future of B2B. Leaping on this trend, global shipping container company Maersk has become a surprising Twitter darling, sharing news, inspiration, and stunning ship-in-action photos with its 112,000-plus followers, resulting in greater brand awareness and reputation.”

Maersk Twitter Profile. Source:

Maersk Twitter Profile. Source:

So when you’re looking to kick-start 2015 with a new approach to communicating with stakeholders, don’t count social out by relegating it to the realm of ‘child’s play’ or ‘irrelevant tech fad’. If set up correctly with the commitment to follow through and with consistent professional effort, your content marketing and social policy could drive your brand into the 21st century reaping untapped success for your business.

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