How can content marketing build your business?

Content Flow Chart Blackboard If you’re interested in building your company’s online presence, it’s almost impossible to escape the term ‘content marketing’. But what does content marketing actually mean? And importantly, what does it mean for your business? Traffic One of the most obvious reasons to invest in content marketing is that it will increase your traffic. Whether that means on your blog, website or social media pages, each piece of content has the ability to rank in search engines and be shared amongst your audience base. It’s important to know that your traffic will only increase if you spend the time optimising and promoting your content. Build or reposition your brand For any company wanting to build their brand, you need a method of communications that gets the messages across quickly and accurately. Since optimised content receives a certain degree of interest and concentration on the reader’s part, you have the ideal opportunity to transform or build your brand. This helps to ensure that your message gets through to the target audience and gives you the biggest return on your investment. Engagement Audience engagement is another extremely worthwhile reason to start investing in content marketing. Consistent high-quality content not only increases the number of visitors to your site but importantly, it encourages people to stay longer and return. When you provide relevant, optimised content users will visit your site again and again, encouraging engagement with your brand and product/service you’re selling. Sales One of the primary reasons businesses invest in content marketing is to improve or increase sales. It’s not surprising to see that companies who use content marketing have higher conversion rates, more leads and sales than those who don’t. Marketing research has found that more than 50% of content marketing consumers say it has a positive impact upon purchase decisions, with 61% agreeing that it increases brand positively. Who’s doing it right? Some businesses are just flat-out good when it comes to content marketing. From small to big, there are businesses that are defining what content marketing is, how it looks, how to do it and how their audiences should respond. IBM’s approach to content marketing is one of the best examples out there. Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.16.22 am The company produces a lot of content, but it prioritises quality, engages with influencers and displays an impressive range of channels, content types and target audiences. IBM aggregates interesting information, news and research but also presents it in the most interesting ways possible. IBM’s approach is about showing people how to use information to better provide their customers with the products and services they’re looking for. But going one step further, they create content hybrids that accomplish the same purpose but do so with more appeal. Take their CityOne game for example. It educates users on solving environmental, business and logistical problems but it’s also a highly user-friendly game. Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.13.57 am While IBM may have the extra funds to invest in large-scale content marketing strategies, their overall approach is adaptable. Smart, interesting and innovative approaches to content don’t cost a thing.