Clear The Clutter: 4 Tips for Getting Organised at Work

Dissatisfied business lady or student sitting at a busy  desk. Is your desk buried under a mountain of paperwork? Is your computer covered in post it notes? Are the pages of your diary covered in illegible scrawl? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed at work? If you answered yes to all of the above, there’s a good chance that you are suffering from a bad case of disorganisation. But have no fear; it’s a condition that can easily be fixed! Here are four tips for getting organised at work: Clear the clutter A clean workspace allows you to work efficiently and productively without stress or disruption. Make it a habit to clean your workspace at the end of each day so you can start the next day afresh. Set a daily reminder on your phone to alert you around 20 minutes before the end of working day. office-clutter_620x380 Paperwork Start out by sorting out all the paperwork on your desk. Throw out any reports, brochures or information that are no longer relevant to the projects that you are currently working on. Do you really need to hold onto that six-month old report that has been gathering dust in your document tray? If not, trash it. However, if think you simply can’t part with it, why not scan it (if it’s not too large) and store a digital copy on your computer or on an online storage facility like Dropbox? Otherwise, see if there is a digital copy of the document already in existence. Wipe away the dirt Give our desk, computer, keyboard and mouse a quick wipe down with some disinfecting wipes. Dirt, grime, food and fingerprints can easily build up, so it’s best to stay on top of everything in order to prevent germs. other_clean_keyboard_mouse02_620x380 To Do List It’s a good idea to start every day with a game plan. Determine what tasks need to be done and then write a to do list. Try to complete the most important and most time-sensitive tasks first – don’t fall into the trap of procrastinating and doing the ‘easiest’ tasks instead. There are some great task-oriented apps available that you can utilise, including Trello. trello-4_620x380 To do lists are great because they will keep you motivated and on point, as well as accountable for your actions. Email Congestion We seem to receive emails for everything nowadays, from clients to marketing offers from the local gym. It’s extremely easy for your inbox to get congested. Do yourself a favour and deal with each email as they come into your inbox. Create folders for emails that you need to store for future reference and trash the rest. email clutter_620x380 Delegate Delegating some of your responsibilities will help you save time and stress. If you have a junior colleague or a colleague that isn’t as busy, see if you can share some of your work amongst them.   Try these tips and you’ll be on your way to a smoother and more productive work day.