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Ben Ready

Managing Director Ben_400x300Ben is the MD. He has been a journalist and communications professional for nearly 20 years. Apart from covering the tech bust in 2001 the highlight of his journalism career was the thrice-daily Rhine River Barge Freight Rate Reports he compiled for Dow Jones Newswires while living the high life on 60 quid a day in London many moons ago. To get away from the excitement, and give his liver a rest, he came back to Brisbane and for more than 10 years helped build one of Queensland’s most successful corporate communications firms Crook Group. In 2014 greener pastures called and he co-founded RG Communications with fellow Crook Director Brenton Gibbs. Ben still loves the media and the stock market (unrequited love unfortunately) but most of all he loves learning new skills and developing new business opportunities. In 2006 while still part of Crook he established the firm’s creative arm Villain Designs which is now part of RG Communications. After completing his MBA in 2012 the urge to write and get in touch with his inner journalist prompted the creation of MBA News Australia where he remains Managing Editor. More recently his passion has been working with clients to develop comprehensive content strategies and branded news. While all the new stuff is exciting he still doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty on the day-to-day of managing the media and investor relations for a diverse range of clients. He still gets a buzz from seeing a great story about a client and ensuring they get the reward and recognition they deserve. He holds a BA (Journalism), M Bus (Communications), Diploma of Investor Relations (AIRA) and an MBA. His wife holds an ironclad commitment he will not embark on any more study.