3 New PR Books You Should Be Reading

Business professionals in all industries recognise the importance of regularly updating and refining their skills so they can deliver the best outcomes possible for their clients. PR is no different. Here are three public relations books that have just been launched that will help you be more effective and well-rounded in your job. 150513 disney book Spinning Disney’s World: Memories of a Magic Kingdom Press Agent Author: Charles Ridgeway Publisher: The Intrepid Traveler Paperback: 256 pages Publishing Date: April 16, 2015 For 40 years, Charlie Ridgway was the official publicity agent for Disney. The former newsman provides a fascinating insight into how he created media excitement around one of the recognised brands in the world. He shares all the  innovative, spectacular and sometimes kooky ideas he used to generate publicity.  One of his most memorable publicity stunts included training 40 white Peking ducks to waddle behind Donald Duck down Main Street USA to celebrate the character’s 50th birthday. He’s also helped open parks around the world, from Paris to Orlando. An interesting read for all PR professionals. 150513 public relations 247 Public Relations 247: Everything you need to know to generate publicity for business success Author: Andrew Chow Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing Paperback: 248 pages Publishing date: May 8, 2015 Social media and public relations strategist Andrew Chow, the author of Social Media 247: Everything you Need to know to leverage social media for business success, is back again.This time he has written a book with the aim of helping entrepreneurs and small-medium business owners generate media publicity for their companies. According to the publicity blurb for the book, “media publicity is both an art and a science”.  Chow covers all the basics, including identifying a news story story, media pitching and managing press conferences. The book also includes 50 real-life PR strategies, how they were implemented and what results were achieved. 150513 news release writing guide The News Release Writing Guide (Kindle Edition) Author: Tim Herrera Publisher: Amazon Digital Services File Size: 183 KB Print Length: 40 pages Publishing Date: April 14 Writing a good press release is one of the core skills of a PR professional today.  The News Release Writing Guide by Tim Herrera offers some easy to follow tips for crafting a press release that will  get you noticed in today’s competitive media industry.   From writing the release to following it up with a phone call, this book provides readers with plenty of valuable information.  The book also includes news release templates, news release formats and some examples of news releases.  A good resource for brushing up your press release writing skills.